A little bit about me

And my journey in the tech industry ...

Tech Support

Soft skills &
troubleshooting experience


Self-taught in Software
& Web Development


Received AWS and
CompTIA Certifications!

I initially started out my career multiple tech support jobs. As I was working in tech support, I taught myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript to learn the fundamentals of programming and web development. I eventually decided to learn more about cloud technologies, how to build out infrastructure using them, and how I can use the cloud within a production environment. I've also learned fundamental networking & security principles through my college coursework. As a result of my hard work, I've received multiple AWS and CompTIA certifications.

In terms of software development, I’m currently familiar with a variety of languages and technologies including JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, and other miscellaneous development tools (Git/GitHub, Docker, etc.). This website utilizes multiple AWS services, such as S3 and Lambda. I have different blog posts below that you can read if you'd like to learn more about different technical challenges I've run into and how I overcame them!

If you believe I'd be a good addition to your team, I'd love to have a conversation. Even though I am going through college, I am fully able to pursue full-time work thanks to the flexible schedule my program allows.


A video chat and messaging application

A visual showcase of the different features within VueChat.
													Includes video calls and sending, deleting, and editing messages.

V-chat is a video chat and messaging app where you can participate in direct video calls, public chatrooms, and direct messages with other users! You can create an account and use your own personal e-mail and password to login, with working login authentication! There is also a button that immediately lets you test the app with a preset demo account. You can send, edit, and delete all messages associated with the account your logged into! Two people on two separate accounts are needed to participate in video calls. The video calling functionality was built using WebRTC. The rest of the tech stack includes Vue3, Firebase hosting & Cloud storage, JavaScript, SCSS.

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Contains miscellaneous projects I've built

A visual showcase of the different features within VueChat.
													Includes video calls and sending, deleting, and editing messages.

I have some of my oldest projects from when I was first learning, and some of my newer fully featured projects all open to view the source code here! I've worked with a variety of languages and frameworks over time.

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